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The Fertility iD ® Method – by Harroula Bilali BSc MMEdSc

A customized combination of techniques for enhanced molecular fertility, faster conception, and a healthier, full-term pregnancy.

A comprehensive program of specially designed tests and personalized services aiming to optimize the most important parameters of fertility. From improving egg and sperm quality at the molecular level and balancing the reproductive microbiome, to nutrition, stress management, and a more resilient mindset, I personally and my highly experienced scientific team, we have you covered. For the optimal results, you and your future family deserve, start your journey to parenthood properly prepared. Start today and feel the changes not only in your fertility status but also in your overall health and well-being.


An innovative program to restore the balance of the microbiome for better fertility, overall well-being, prevention, and better management of simple or more complex health problems.

The human microbiome when in balance helps us to be healthy. But when there is only a small variety of microorganisms or dysbiosis certain diseases can develop or worsen, such as obesity, osteoarthritis, anxiety disorders, asthma and infertility. Restoring your microbiome should be one of your top health goals.

Fertilovit ®



MIDLIFE HEALTH COACHING - BeyondMeno® – by Harroula Bilali BSc MMedSc

BeyondMeno® was created to revolutionize how we perceive middle age and what we can do in order to be healthier and stronger at this phase.

Around 50, many people feel “lost” and/or anxious. Women in particular, with menopause now becoming a reality in their lives, may experience a multitude of negative emotions, many of them quite intense. Especially if they are also trying at this stage for a baby.
If your goal is to regain your energy and confidence, redefine your purpose, and create a solid foundation for a healthy next phase of your life, we are here to help you achieve your goal.