"Health is not only our DNA. It is also our actions."

Harroula Bilali BSc MMedSc

Let’s discover TOGETHER, a healthier and more fertile YOU!

My name is Haroula Mathiopoulou Bilali and I am a Molecular Biologist BSc & Microbiome Expert (University of Patras / National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece) specializing in Fertility and Assisted Reproduction Technologies (MMedSc, Nottingham University/ Queen’s Medical Centre, UK ) and further training and practice in the United States States of America (Shady Grove Fertility).

I am also a certified Health & Wellness Coach, mostly operating at a corporate level with innovative wellness programs.

My active participation as a scientist in the fields of human reproduction and preventive healthcare begins in 2004, when, together with my husband highly acclaimed Obstetrician- Reproductive Gynecologist & Endoscopic Surgeon Dr. Dimitris Bilalis BSc MMedSc CCST FRCOG, we create “Bilalis Women’s Health Clinic”, with the mission to offer advanced gynecology, obstetrics, minimally invasive surgery and assisted reproduction services to every woman who needs us, always with respect, safety, and absolute personalization.

From the very first moment as a young scientist, my greatest passion has been and still, I proudly admit, remains educating and supporting women to take the control of their fertility and health in their own hands, regardless of their age.

I consider it my duty and responsibility to properly educate women, about evidence-based reproductive and sexual health, so that they can protect their fertility and know their options.

In 2017, following my desire for something new, I create my company, FERTICEUTICS Co.

My new role as Founder & CEO of Ferticeutics Co., opens new doors in my career on a global, this time, level.

Today, Ferticeutics Co. is the exclusive distributor in Greece of 3 international companies (products and services) that are considered leaders in the fields of reproductive medicine, endocrinology, nutritional genomics, and menopausal health such as Fertilovit, Femarelle, and Nutrigenomix. The portfolio is now expanding, also including innovative programs and services created by our company.

Whatever I do, the purpose remains the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s products or services. My mission is to make every human being, more fertile and healthier. Stronger and more optimistic. I, we, owe it to the next generetion and the generations after.

I like to treat every patient as a whole person – individually providing each patient access to advanced technologies and services of modern Reproductive Medicine, Molecular Biology, and Genomics, with a unique human-centered approach, which simultaneously examines every parameter of health.

In collaboration with an excellent team of scientists both in Greece and abroad (doctors, geneticists, psychologists, nutritionists, etc.), we combine the complex rules of molecular biology, genomics, and traditional medicine with more natural, holistic treatments, diagnostic tests, and the appropriate products, for best results and maximum safety.

So, welcome to Fertility iD ® – I hope we explore your options for a healthy parenthood together!

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